Day 13- space

I live at home with my family, and I don’t really have a defined space of where I sew. But these are the spaces that I sew in the most. The first one is my bedroom, full of knick knacks and stuff that may or may not actually help me with my sewing. Most of my hand sewing is done here in the late hours of the night. The second is my dining room table where we sew on the machines. This way Jessi and can sit together and talk while we sew. One day I want a beautifully organized sewing room with lots of cabinets and a cutting table and space for us to sew together.

Day 10 of #commonthreadedstitcher Last chart I…

Day 10 of #commonthreadedstitcher Last chart I purchased. That would be Celestial Hoops by @stitchrovia.

I *loved* stitching these. They were a blast to make for a good group of people. If I didn’t have 7,000 WIPs, I’d gladly stitch these again 😁😁
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