Scrambled to snap some photos of this guy before the sun went down. This is the Great Serpent of Ronka from Final Fantasy for those who don’t know. This was a custom request and had never heard of it before but now I love him because he’s so creepy cute and scream-y.

This is a fairly large plush, about 15 inches high and 18 inches long. Made almost entirely with fleece.


I’d ask if you guys were into the new Dark Crystal series but I think my recent orders have given me that answer. Had to get a good group shot of all the Fizzgigs I’ve made over the past two days (and I have a few more in progress!)

The Eyepatch Fizzgig and baby Fizzgigs are my favorites. Both regular and Eyepatch Fizzgigs are both currently available in my shop!


From now until July 1st, 100% of all money made from sloth orders (excluding shipping costs) will be donated to The Trevor project, a charity for suicide prevention of LGBTQ youth. ✨🌈 So if you’d like to donate to a great cause and also get a gift in the process, now’s your chance!

I also added two more colorful sloth designs, rainbow and pastel stripes.

Find the sloth babies listing in my shop


Today’s color is blue! 💙

If someone was to ask what my favorite monster I’ve ever made was, I’d say the one in the first photo is definitely in the top 3. Swipe through to see a bunch of different creatures I’ve made throughout the years, all with mostly blue fabrics.

All of these have since been sold and sent out, except the Blueberry Boy in the second photo to last photo which is available in my shop!


Today’s color is…. green! 💚

Decided to do a short series of posts of creatures and creations I’ve done all in one majority color. The very first of eight posts is the color green. Swipe through to see monsters, fruits, vegetables and plant themed creatures I’ve made all in mostly green.

The avocados and broccoli are currently still available in my shop! Though almost anything you see in this post or any past posts I can most likely remake for you. Just ask! ✨


A collection of monsters made from the same fabric. 💖 I’ve bought this same dark brown fabric so many times, it’s been a staple in my stash along with the white version of it.

Joann’s fabrics seems to no longer carry this fabric, but I luckily found 3 yards of it on eBay. If they don’t bring it back I may need to discontinue these items if I can’t find any more after it’s gone. 😥

In the meantime the Porgs, Chewies, brown sloths and monstroctopus are still available in my shop!

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