I did it! I wrote a Greg Lestrade/Cormoran Strike ficlet! I think most of you know Greg Lestrade from Sherlock BBC. Cormoran Strike is a character written by J.K. Rowling in her latest book series and I instantly fell in love with him. He’s played by Tom Burke in the TV series and in my mind, Greg and Corm would be a cool and unusual couple. 
Totally go read the books or watch the show if you haven’t, I love it! 
Anyways, this is just a little sneak peak, I don’t think I will be posting on AO3 this year. 

“At least you didn’t get yourself almost killed this time so that is a plus.” 

“I really don’t need the sarcasm right now, Greg.” 

“I think the sarcasm is in perfect order. Seriously, Corm, what were you thinking?” Greg asked, opening the door of his car and helping Cormoran inside it. He could already see the tension settle into his friend’s body. Cormoran hated being driven by someone else but his leg was killing him so walking towards the next metro station really wasn’t an option tonight. 

Greg closed the door, with more force than was strictly needed. He ran a hand through his hair, getting behind the wheel but not starting the car just yet. He ran his eyes over Cormoran’s profile, trying to figure out if he really was as fine as he claimed. After a few moments, Cormoran sighed loudly, turning his head to Greg and giving him a roughish smile. 

“You did text me remember?” 

“I didn’t tell you to go to that house alone, in the middle of the night!” Greg snapped, pinching the bridge of his nose. Some days Cormoran was worse than Sherlock. Maybe that’s why the two got along so well, much to Greg’s surprise. 

“Greg, I promise I’m fine.” Cormoran said, placing his hand briefly on Greg’s thigh. “Take us home. Please? You can always lecture me later.” 

“Damn right I’m going to lecture you.” Greg muttered, taking Cormoran’s hand and holding it for a moment before dropping it and starting the car.


“You okay Greg?” Cormoran’s words snapped Greg back to the flat, his neck feeling hot as he realized he’d been staring at his friend for too long. He nodded, words not coming over his lips and Cormoran raised an eyebrow, a hint of something in his eyes. Greg swallowed as Cormoran placed both their bottles on the table, leaning into Greg’s personal space. The smile he gave nearly made Greg faint. 

“I’m sorry for going out there alone tonight. I didn’t mean to worry you.” Cormoran whispered, placing his big hand on Greg’s thigh. Greg let out a strange sound, face burning up as Cormoran’s smile grew bigger, his hand squeezing Greg’s thigh. 

“Corm, I-” 

“It’s okay if you don’t want to,” Cormoran spoke softly, his thumb stroking Greg’s cheek and Greg sighed, leaning into the touch and closing his eyes. It had been too long since anyone had touched him with that intent and he melted when Cormoran’s lips touched his. Tender, hesitant. Greg tasted the beer on Cormoran’s tongue and he leaned forward, placing his hands on Cormoran’s broad chest. 


I’m going back to this older fic and I’m trying to fix it. It’s a prompt by @loveinthemindpalace from waaaaay back. A jealous Alpha Sherlock and this is the University version of it. I’ve worked on it today and it already sounds better, a bit more realistic ( as far as Alpha/Omega fics can be). I kinda like this Sherlock being a dick ( at least for now). I’ll see how it goes. 

“What is your problem?” Greg hissed near Sherlock’s ear, dragging the man away from all the prying eyes. The atmosphere in the room was a strange mix of arousal, fear and respect and Greg couldn’t deal with it right now. He pushed Sherlock into the first empty room he found, closing the door behind him with more force than was needed. He let out a breath, trying to calm his pounding heart but he knew Sherlock could hear it. 

What the hell had just happened? One minute he’d been talking to Brett and had actually enjoyed himself, the next Sherlock had appeared next to him and things had quickly gotten out of hand. He turned around, ready to confront Sherlock about his behavior but the words died on his tongue as he noticed how close Sherlock was standing. His eyes landed on Sherlock’s lips and it wasn’t until those lips turned into a small smirk that Greg forced his eyes up, meeting Sherlock’s amused expression with a hard look. 

“What the hell just happened back there?” Greg snapped, trying to shove Sherlock away. 

“I don’t understand what you’re talking about.” Sherlock responded, his face in a neutral expression that drove Greg mental. He hated how Sherlock could close off his expressions like that. How he was able to keep a tight lip and not let his emotions out. He’d gotten a bit better at reading his friend but most days Sherlock’s ways and thoughts were a mystery to him. It irritated him even more because Sherlock was always able to figure out his emotions, his deepest thoughts, his minuscule doubts. 

“I’m talking about the fact that you went after Brett like that. I’m talking about the fact that you’re acting like a real dick and for what? I’m talking about the fact that at least 90% of that room wants to kick your arse.” Greg shouted, his face turning red as he went over his list. 

“You’re talking a lot.” Sherlock replied, expression still blank and Greg shoved him harder, wanting to hurt him for just a split second. Sherlock hardly moved, just raising one eyebrow and Greg cursed. 

“Language Lestrade.”

Drarry. First kiss. – Readingfanfics – Harry P…

Drarry. First kiss. – Readingfanfics – Harry Potter – J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]:


“Let go of me. Let go of me right now or I swear-”

“What? That your father is going to hear about it?” It was out of Harry’s mouth before he fully realised it. Draco’s body went rigid, stopping his struggles to get away but before Harry could apologize, Draco moved, planting his elbow in Harry’s stomach.


“You’re an arse, Potter! A complete arse!”

Harry and Draco are on my mind this weekend. Have another first kiss. @bafflinghaze


I know I said I would clean out my ‘ideas’ folder but I can’t get rid of this. It’s the university AU version of the Jealous Alpha Sherlock headcanon @loveinthemindpalace gave me once and I think I could make this work. 

The other version of this headcanon is already complete and you can read it HERE


“What is your problem?” Greg hissed near Sherlock’s ear, dragging the man away from all the prying eyes. The atmosphere in the room was a strange mix of arousal, fear and respect and Greg couldn’t deal with it right now. He led Sherlock to an empty room, closing the door behind him and let out a breath, trying to make sense of what had just happened. 

“I don’t have a problem, Lestrade. Why are we here?”

“We’re here because I’m pretty sure 90% of the Alpha’s out there want to kick your arse.” Greg grumbled, turning around to face Sherlock. Of course, the Alpha still looked gorgeous and composed and Greg’s stomach twisted into a knot when Sherlock’s eyes met his. 

“They can always try, Lestrade.” 

“Do you have to be so damn Alpha?” Greg snapped, stepping forward to his friend and poking him in the chest. “Seriously, what is going on with you tonight?”

“Nothing is ‘going on with me’, Lestrade. I’m fine.”

“You call what happened there fine?” Greg gestured behind him, seeing the tiny smirk on Sherlock’s lips before the man schooled his features back to neutral. “You humiliated a Supreme Alpha in front of all his friends, in front of the whole school! And for what?!” Greg threw his hands in the air when he saw the passive expression on Sherlock’s face. He knew his friend was reckless but this was stupid even by Sherlock’s standards. Greg stepped closer, looking Sherlock in the eyes but the man gave nothing away. Even his scent smelled just like before but Greg knew Sherlock had the best suppressants at his disposal thanks to his brother Mycroft. 

“Don’t try to deduce me, Lestrade. It’s insulting.” 

“No,” Greg crossed his arms, giving Sherlock his best pissed off look. “What’s insulting is how you treated Brett just now. Laying all his secrets out like that. Exposing him to his friends, to the school. You humiliated him, Sherlock.”

“He deserved it, he’s a-”

“Supreme Alpha or not, nobody deserves what you did just now, Sherlock. I don’t-” Greg stopped, swallowing away the bad taste that had formed in his mouth. He’d always known Sherlock could be insensitive, not always knowing how to react in social situation but he’d never seen him as cruel. Greg shook his head, taking a step back, hugging himself tighter. 

“Did he do something to you? Brett?” Greg looked up, seeing Sherlock’s confused expression and his heart broke. Whenever Sherlock lashed out like that, there was a reason. Not that it excused his behavior but it made things easier to understand in hindsight. The way Sherlock looked at him now made it clear Brett hadn’t done anything to Sherlock in the past and Greg was at a loss. 

“Then why did you do that?”

“You don’t know what he was thinking!”

Drarry ficlet. Sneek peek.

“Harry, I-” Draco clenched his hands into fists, afraid he would touch Harry again and not let go this time. His heart was beating so fast he was sure Harry could see it move underneath his clothes. His face warmed up as Harry looked into his eyes. The surprise clearly visible on Harry’s face and finally Draco’s body was able to function again. He gasped for breath, turned around to walk out the room but the door closed firmly before him. The tinge of warmth from Harry’s spell brushed over Draco’s face and Draco closed his eyes for a second. This wasn’t happening, right? He hadn’t just kissed Harry Potter, Savior of the Wizarding world, right?


Draco’s eyes opened with a snap as Harry’s warm hand weighed down on his shoulder. He turned around sharply, standing perfectly straight and he refused to acknowledge the butterflies in his stomach when he realized how close Harry was standing. 

“Seriously, Potter.” Draco tried his best to spat the words out. He tried to add a coldness to them that would make Harry back off and not start the whole conversation but of course, this was Harry Potter after all and he’d never learned when to back down from anything. 

“Don’t do that.” 

“Do what?” Draco snapped, crossing his arms in front of his chest. He felt exposed and vulnerable, berating himself mentally for being so stupid. Yes, after the war things had changed between him and Harry, some would even call them friends now but what Draco had just done had tipped the scales in a massive way. He’d always been so careful with his feelings, never letting Harry too close, never dropping his guard completely and now he’d ruined it. Ruined a good friendship for just a few seconds of pure happiness. 

“Don’t cut me out like that, Draco. We’ve been through too much for that.”

Jealousy brings change by Readingfanfics

Jealousy brings change by Readingfanfics:

“You’re so wet.” Sherlock mumbled in Greg’s ear, his fingers teasing Greg’s hole. Greg let out a sigh, spreading his legs more. It was a tad frightening, how strongly his body responded to Sherlock. He wasn’t even close to heat but his body seemed to have forgotten.

“Yes.” Sherlock hissed as his finger went slowly inside Greg’s hole, Greg digging his nails into Sherlock’s shoulder before opening his eyes and looking at him. Sweat was forming on Sherlock’s forehead, his curls damp and Greg brushed a few away with his other hand before kissing him deeply. He was floating, torn between wanting it to last and moving further.

Sherlock was gorgeous naked. Greg couldn’t stop looking at him, his muscles moving as he trailed kisses down Greg’s chest, his fingers opening Greg up like no one had ever done before. Sherlock seemed to have endless patience, exploring Greg’s body over and over again. Playing him like a violin as he teased and probed. Greg let out a loud moan as Sherlock’s mouth went over his cock, taking it almost all the way in, his finger stilling inside Greg’s body.

@loveinthemindpalace It’s the last chapter. I hope you liked the story for your prompt. 

I’m always okay when I’m with you by Readingfa…

I’m always okay when I’m with you by Readingfanfics:

“You need to take off a few clothes, Myc. I’m at a disadvantage.” Greg smiled when Mycroft shook his head, stepping forward to kiss him deeply. That one kiss turned his legs into jelly and he clung to Mycroft’s shirt, slightly panting when they broke off. The smug look in Mycroft’s eyes made Greg’s stomach do a double flip and he playfully poked Mycroft’s side.

“You are a work of art, Gregory.”

“Stop it.” Greg mumbled, turning around to close the curtains and pull away the sheets of his bed. He heard the rustle of fabric and his mouth dropped open once he turned back around, Mycroft standing before him with only his underwear on. He licked his lips when he noticed the bulge in them and was up in Mycroft’s space in record time, taking him in his arms and kissing him fiercely.

“Oh.” Mycroft blinked rapidly when the kiss stopped, looking at Greg with awe and mild surprise.

It earns it’s explicit warning in this chapter. 

@loveinthemindpalace @lavenderandvanilla @chinike

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