I think one of the reasons I’m utterly in love with Steve as a character is -and I say this a lot– his kindness, and his willingness to put people before himself.

It was such a nice thing to see, a character who isn’t ‘asshole with a heart of gold’, or ‘tortured soul’ or any dark, edgy, morally gray character type. Steve is good by nature, he is kind to be kind, willing to help people because it’s the right thing to do, not because he’s waiting for something in return.

And even then, with Steve being the way he is, he’s not portrayed as naive, or an idiot who’s always being tricked into something or taken advantage of because of his kindness. Steve stands his ground, doesn’t take bullshit from anyone. His kindness is one of his strengths, it makes everything about him 10x better.

His first reaction upon meeting Bruce for instance, is assuring him that it’s Bruce and his work that matters, not the Hulk, which was a very big insecurity of Bruce.

When Sam presented him the file on the falcon subject, his first instinct is to ask about Riley, and letting a moment of silence pass to let Sam know that he understands that type of loss, that Sam isn’t alone.

He sympathised with the Maximoff twins, knowing that they were young and being tricked, and wanting to help them.

We see Steve comfort both Natasha and Wanda at different times, reassuring them in the ways that he knew worked best for them. He gives Natasha his trust, something that wasn’t readily given to her before, and he lets Wanda know that sometimes there are things that she cannot control, and it’s not entirely her fault.

Even though Steve hardens over the years, even when he’s faced with the worst sides of people, his kindness does not fade. He doesn’t close off, never stops comforting those in need, and it’s one of the best things about him.

It’s also why so many people are attracted to him. Kindness draws people in.

feministscoundrel: This photo means a lot to …


This photo means a lot to me. And I’ll tell you why. 

Natalie Portman, as we know, was shut out of Marvel. She chose not to sign any new contract not just because of the way her character was treated (though there is that) but because Thor: The Dark World was slated to be the first Marvel movie directed by a woman, her friend (and eventual Wonder Woman director) Patty Jenkins. Portman hadn’t planned on being in The Dark World, but lept at the chance to be a part of feminist history and to be directed in what would have beenJenkin’s first film since her 2003 Oscar-winning Monster. Portman signed a new contract with Marvel. They fired Jenkins soon after. Portman was crushed because she essentially had been duped into a contract for a film that would keep her away from her young son and force her back into a one-dimensional role under yet another male director. And we all remember how awful that movie was. 

When it came time for the third Thor movie, they tried to get Portman under contract again. And she said no. Marvel decided to spin the story to make it seem like it was all their idea. At first, they went for the lame and nonsensical: 

When Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige was asked about why she wouldn’t be in the third film, and said there were “many reasons, many of which are in the film, so you will see that” continuing with “There are only a couple of scenes on Earth in this movie. The majority, 95 percent of the movie, takes place in the cosmos.” (x)

Seeing as The Dark World also took place in space, this answer didn’t have a lot of credibility. When Portman said she was “done” with the Marvel Universe, Feige got vicious in interviews, telling reporters that Valkyrie was in Ragnorak to be better than Jane Foster and a better match for Thor. 

“We wanted Thor to encounter somebody that was near his equal and that his relationship with Jane may have evolved in unexpected ways in between The Dark World and Ragnarok, and we wanted to pit him against a character who was much more his equal and in many ways his superior.” (x)

Feige implies that A) Valkyrie was in Ragnorak just to be a romantic interest for Thor, B) Valkyrie is better and more powerful than Jane Foster, and C) Jane Foster was always Thor’s inferior. 

What’s ridiculous is that Ragnorak had a “sorry Jane dumped you” throwaway line to explain Portman’s absence. And instead of saying that Jane and Thor broke up in interviews, a line that does not spoil literally anything about the film, Feige chose to attack Jane’s strength and capability, which would have been a very special dig at Portman. 

Do you want to know what none of this sounds like? Taika Waititi’s opinion. Waititi is a master storyteller who does not sacrifice his feminist views for laughs. You can bet that Feige’s ridiculous slams on Portman and her character Jane– disguised as “promotion” for WAITITI’S FILM– would have troubled him immensely. This is a man with a Māori father, who had to use his mother’s maiden name– Cohen– for earlier work because an indigenous last name kept him away from opportunity. This man does NOT fuck around with entertainment that gets its power off of sexism and inequality. He knows from experience just how infuriating it is when it comes to directors missing out on opportunities because they aren’t a white man. 

So how does he fix this? How does he fix the idea that Jane Foster can’t go to space, or that she’s not powerful enough for Thor, the god of thunder? 

He makes her Thor. 

Waititi saw Portman / Jane Foster’s name dragged through the mud by Kevin Feige in order to promote his movie, and when he got hired to direct again, he decided to right those wrongs. This picture means everything. He is on his knee, handing her Thor’s hammer, essentially saying, you will never have to go through that shit with me. With me, you’re a god. And the expression on her face, after Marvel attempted to break her, doesn’t need words. 

What a photo. What a film. What a man. 

Rocket! I made Rocket from guardians of the g…

I made Rocket from guardians of the galaxy! I love how this came out and I think it’s super adorable! I keep forgetting to post this 😂! Let me know what y’all think of him! If anyone’s interested in buying one of these let me know!!

Commissions are open! Dm or comment below if you are interested! I do anything from crocheting-drawing!

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This is my favorite celebrity headline of today

John Mulaney voice: It was even weirder, though, when I went out for the night with some money, black out, and wake up with more money, because that means that I earned money. That means that I traded goods and/or services. Which is scary.

Why is Marvel like this?

Anthony Mackie:

Brie Larson:

So I’m not the only person who finds this really creepy right?

No, no you are not

…so it was that bad

Well, that sure explains a lot!

Back in the old days, Kenneth Branagh actually involved Tom in the process of creating Loki. He asked Tom for all the aspects that he’d wish to explore. Tom kept a scrapbook where he wrote down all his ideas. The actors of Thor met to discuss the dynamics between the characters. That’s when Tom and Rene Russo came up with the backstory of Frigga being the one who taught Loki magic, and decided that they would share a tic. After filming Thor, Tom met Joss Whedon and they spent a whole afternoon discussing Loki, and what happened to him after his suicide attempt.

And now, actors have no idea what’s going on when they’re filming and reciting their lines. It’s no wonder the films feel so soulless. It looks like Marvel completely missed the fact that Loki became so popular because the guy who played him always knew what the character was feeling and how he would be moving.

Friendly reminder that Joss Whedon sent Tom Hiddleston the entire Avengers script and Tom read the entire thing and loved it so much that he sent a gushing email back to Joss, thanking him for writing Loki as such an emotionally complex, layered character. 

Just compare that level of artistic integrity and caring about the characters and the plot to the most recent shit show of the actors not even knowing what fucking movie they’re filming. 

Funny thing – if your actor doesn’t know what movie they’re filming or the role they have in the plot, then their agent can’t properly negotiate for the pay they deserve for their work.

This is a rampant issue with voice acting too.

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