Day 7- pt 2

I worked on the cross stitch a little bit, I love the visual of the mandala chicken but switch thread colors all the time is getting annoying. But I also finished the final final piece of the ren fair costume journey for this year, the ring belt for Alok to wear with his pirate shirt. Since he is a bean pole a belt will help give the shirt some more shape


Day 2 pt 2- finding my thread

My Chicken God cross stitch will feature 21 colors, luckily I have all but 8 of those colors. The most confusing and frustrating part is that I might have those other 8 colors but they’re currently not sorted or carded in any way. Maybe tomorrow I will go through the insanity bin. I currently keep all my carded thread in gallon bags sorted into number ranges or specialty threads. One day I will have aestheticaly organized thread boxes where I can actually find the thread that I am looking for.

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