Found this little lady at work. Kept her on my cart in case a child was looking for her but nothing 🙁

We don’t really have a lost and found for anything that’s not a wallet or purse so I’m going to give her a new home and make a dress for her. Anna’s clothing is not jiving with me.

But I do like Anna 😳 I just don’t like her clothing on Barbie 🙂


So in the end, I had to buy all three to make one outfit for my Earth girl. Ken outfit for the pants and I bought green paint for them, Barbie outfit to make the coat into a vest, already have the paint, and Ken himself for the shirt. What am I going to do for the rest? Adding the clothing to the rest of my clothing hoard and probably make an outfit for Ken.


My next big project idea.

I’m going to put my childhood custom dolls into a set.

Need to work on finding my earth girls outfit (she’s wearing the green pants). Keeping with my childhood ways, I’ll have to buy the outfit, using only tape and ribbon, there’s no way I can make her outfit. As you can see from the 12 inch doll, it was the closest I had in my childhood.

Also have to find a way to do Wisdoms wings (green dress girl). It’ll be a lot easier to do and I’ll have a reason to get construction paper 😃

And before I do any of that, I’m going to work on the box first.


I’m in the process of painting my deer-dragon now that my tiny noodle mermaid is done.

This is the base coat. I plan on using my colour shift paint but it’s expensive so if it doesn’t cover evenly, then it won’t annoy me as much As it would if there was white showing.

He looks like he’s wearing a body suit lol

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