I’m less than 75 followers away from 1000!!! That’s so exciting y’all! I may have to push back the giveaway to a higher count cause my job doesn’t allow for much in the way of stitching time tbh. But that’s a good thing to me!!

Update: I’m now less than FIFTY FOLLOWERS AWAY FROM MY GOAL!!

Holy crap y’all.

18 followers away from 1000.

Guess I better figure out that giveaway thing lolol.


Another pattern that I designed, stitched and finished…

It is called the Sewing Patch, stitched on 28 count linen, using all DMC threads…

The pattern is available as a .pdf in my Etsy shop.

Hey! I have a cross-stitch related question I …

Hey! I have a cross-stitch related question I was hoping you could help with. I have a project that got set aside for a while, and when I came back to it, I found out my cat had peed on the bag and now it stinks AND there's a stain on the fabric, which will show on the finished product. I'm not sure how to address it bc I don't want to hurt the fabric or discolor the stitches. Any suggestions?

Ok first of all, sorry if you sent this like weeks ago!? I didn’t get a notification and like…never get asks so I wasn’t thinking to check my inbox!!

Second of all, oh noooooo!! I think what you should do depends on the size of the project, how far along you are in stitching it, and/or how experienced you are with altering or making your own patterns.

If you’re not very far along I would honestly probably just start over. It’s really hard to clean cat pee out of things like fabric and stitches.

If you’re far enough along that it would be worthwhile to try and clean it up tho, maybe find a pet stain spray or wash and try that. Usually they’re color safe and at least get odors out. Hand wash it in the sink and whatever you do, DO NOT USE BLEACH. Even if it’s color safe bleach. There’s ammonia in cat pee and bleach+ammonia=chlorine gas which is real bad even in small amounts.

If you get the odor out but not the stain, it could be possible to just alter or add onto the pattern to cover up the stain. Pick someatching colors and see if you can just make up your own addition. If you don’t have a lot of experience with that or it’s a difficult pattern to do that with, maybe practice on some other pieces or start small by making your own mini patterns.

But like I said. If all else fails it might be simpler or easier to just start over as much as that sucks.

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