Do You want to stitch a snow globe?

Looking for a quick, easy project to make during this busy time of year? Of course you are! This snow globe is a simple and inexpensive (yay!) project to make.

You’ll need your finished project, clear cellophane wrap, a hoop that will fit your project, fake snow, and some glue and scissors (not shown). You’ll want to trim the cellophane to about the same size as your project.

The only…

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Day 14- stitching

So I could show you the yards and yards and yards of hand felled seams we did on all of our costumes this year. But, that would be boring and not very pretty to look at instead I will show you the projects that I hand sewed that I am the most proud of. The otters were a gift to my mom, there’s an otter for each of us kids, the chicken is a gift for a professor because of a in-class joke about her being the god of chickens, and the last is a hand sewed and them hand quilted baby blanket I made for my neice.


Day 7- pt 2

I worked on the cross stitch a little bit, I love the visual of the mandala chicken but switch thread colors all the time is getting annoying. But I also finished the final final piece of the ren fair costume journey for this year, the ring belt for Alok to wear with his pirate shirt. Since he is a bean pole a belt will help give the shirt some more shape

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