Made two more…. I don’t know what to really call these. Display boxes? Packages?

Anyways, the light blue has two skirts that were just a complete messes of attempting zippers and Velcro without taking into account the seam allowances. And a vest that was first generation outfit to my Assassin’s Creed girl. It didn’t turn out the way I wanted so it went into the snazzy box. Added the boots for the heck of it. Would have almost hit the 4.99 usd price mark but I think the zipper and shoes killed it. Maybe the vest too, it has inside lining.

The bigger package belongs to my girl Mainframe. It has her first set of cyber loxs, first pair of fuzzy leggings and her bunny hat she wore when not in her cyber gear. The tie was a last second “let’s just add a bit more”. It belongs to her brother. His outfit came out perfectly the first time except his tie. He’s not really wearing one anymore anyways. I might have hit the 14.99 usd mark on this one. 9.99 if the loxs were less…..thick.


I found them, my FIRST ever at making custom dolls. This is all a good 20+ years old.

Yep, most of them are Sailormoon and I turned them into my characters from a series of short stories I did in the 90’s.

I believe the Egyptian doll is my absolute first. She use to be the bike riding doll so her legs are sooooooooo flimsy. For some reason, the lipstick soaked into her face and to this day I still can’t get it off. Any suggestions that might get rid of it would be awesome.

And my girl in black is a character inspired from Evangelion. Ken is in there too but he’s underneath.

And as you can see, I never decorated the first set of boxes I made either. I wasn’t kidding that I’m bad at making the box decorations. I have the ideas though! Lol

I’m going to get a second shelf to display them in the next couple of weeks. I also want to fix up the boxes and the girls inside, the tape is loosing the sticky ness.

Buon giorno eccomi con un piccolo video dove v…

Buon giorno eccomi con un piccolo video dove vi mostro come ho realizzato questa card Halloween
per il Blog Magnolia Forever

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Scrambled to snap some photos of this guy before the sun went down. This is the Great Serpent of Ronka from Final Fantasy for those who don’t know. This was a custom request and had never heard of it before but now I love him because he’s so creepy cute and scream-y.

This is a fairly large plush, about 15 inches high and 18 inches long. Made almost entirely with fleece.

Buongiorno vi ricordo che in corso c’è il Cha…

Buongiorno vi ricordo che in corso c’è il Challenge sul blog Magnolia Forever
Con il tema #82 Anything Goes Optional theme “Purple”
Per questo Challenge ho realizzato una decorazione per Halloween
un simpatico cappello da strega. Ho utilizzato uno schema che ho trovato sul web per realizzare il cappello, ma presto vedrete il tutorial sul mio canale Youtube. Il sentiment che ho usato fa parte del set di carte Echo park Bewitched , ho applicato del tulle viola e dei fiori di I Am Roses un fiocco in raso viola e dei punti luce con gli strass argento. Sul timbro ho applicato l’acqua scintillante di tommy art.

#magnoliastamps #magnoliatildaedwin #magnoliaforeverblog #rubberstamp #copic #coloring #cardmaking #crafting #paper #project #loveart #dies #shabbychic #handmadecards #magnoliatilda #blog #challenge #tilda #carolinaghelfi

Jack Skellington! For Halloween I thought mak…

Jack Skellington!
For Halloween I thought making Jack Skellington would be perfect. I really love how he turned out and I think I’m going to make a few more and put them on my Etsy! If anyone interested in your own Jack let me know!!

Commissions are open! Dm or comment below if you are interested! I do anything from crocheting-drawing!

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I decided to put up a very simple shelf and a three tier display thing to see how well I can display some dolls. Not too bad 🙂

Of all of my creations, this is my “guilty pleasure” of my favorites. All of them have backgrounds, only six of them have names.

And if an earthquake ever hit here, they would all be on the floor……

I’m pretty sure they all have been individually posted here, but it’s my 1am and I’m too tired to check. (I’m a night owl) So I’m going to sleep now~

Night night

Buongiorno oggi inizia un nuovo Challenge sul…

Buongiorno oggi inizia un nuovo Challenge
sul blog Lemon Shortbread Challenge
Per questa card ho utilizzato Autumn Leaves in Hand Girl colorata con i copic . La carta che ho usato e di First Edition paper pad wanderlust, per sfumare i bordi del timbro ho usato gli oxide forest moss, crushed olive.Il sentiment e di Mama elephant embossato con la polvere ranger white. Sulla sciarpa ho applicato l’acqua scintillante di tommy art.
#cardmaking #copic #crafting #digitalstamp #blog #challenge #Illustration #snapshots #lemonshortbread #flowers #dies #christmas #winkofstella

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