I’d ask if you guys were into the new Dark Crystal series but I think my recent orders have given me that answer. Had to get a good group shot of all the Fizzgigs I’ve made over the past two days (and I have a few more in progress!)

The Eyepatch Fizzgig and baby Fizzgigs are my favorites. Both regular and Eyepatch Fizzgigs are both currently available in my shop!


Back to the color themed posts! Today is orange! 🧡 I’ve made a lot of things in yellow-orange since it’s one of my favorite colors, but I decided to choose only items I’ve made in just orange.

Obviously I’ve made hundreds of pumpkin themed items, and lately I’ve been making tons of Grittys in this bright orange fur. You can find either of those items in my shop!


Todays color is pink! 💕

Not a color I ever wear in my every day life but I tend to use it a lot in the items I make! Lots of creatures and creations to choose from that were partially pink but here’s a bunch that are mostly! Included a few drawings this time around as well.

Most of these have been sold and are long gone, but I can remake any custom orders for those who would like one! Just DM me. 💖


Today’s color is…. purple! 💜 I surprisingly haven’t made that many mostly purple items over the years. It’s never been one of my favorite colors, but I do quite love these ten purple/lavender weirdos I’ve created.

All of these have since been shipped off to new homes but I can remake almost anything I’ve made in the past if you ask nicely. 🤗 Simply send me a DM and I’d love to work with you to make something custom!


Today’s color is blue! 💙

If someone was to ask what my favorite monster I’ve ever made was, I’d say the one in the first photo is definitely in the top 3. Swipe through to see a bunch of different creatures I’ve made throughout the years, all with mostly blue fabrics.

All of these have since been sold and sent out, except the Blueberry Boy in the second photo to last photo which is available in my shop!

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