Day 10- Past

let’s look at last years hastily put together/ bought costumes! I think we did pretty well last year for only have a month to put all of this nonsense together. Overall we don’t look that bad. Jordan is the one who looks the most fabulous by far, and Jessi looks pretty scandalous with her corset exposed and then I am just a dork, look like a middle-aged school teacher. Also, we will be sadly missing Jordan this year for ren fair as a family emergency came up last minute for him, but hopefully after things calm down for him we can get pictures taken of him in his costume. 


Day 7- pt 2

I worked on the cross stitch a little bit, I love the visual of the mandala chicken but switch thread colors all the time is getting annoying. But I also finished the final final piece of the ren fair costume journey for this year, the ring belt for Alok to wear with his pirate shirt. Since he is a bean pole a belt will help give the shirt some more shape


Day 7- Machinery

Heres a really messy picture of the sewing machine corner of my room while we are 5 days away from Ren fair and I just can’t be bothered to clean right now. We have a brother sewing machine, like one of the ones people learn how to sew one. Jessi has a singer sewing machine that we use most of the time. The actual desk under all the stuff is an antique machine that is imbedded into a desk, then not pictured is a vintage machine I am keeping in my closet until I can get it fixed.

Day 4- Structured

So I am not going to lie, structured garments make me nervous because if they are not done right they look really wrong. But the first two semi-structured garments I am really proud of, they look good helped us grow as seamstresses. 

This caplet has it’s  structure from stiff interfacing inside of the layers of fabric. 

This ‘corset’ is boned but not overly shaped since it is for a man, the flowing bottom panels hip imitate hip spring.

This was not very successful, it’s supposed to be a bodice but it’s just not made very well or shaped well. The next structured garment I want to make is either a pair of stays by butterick or a pair of stays by red threaded. What do you guys think? Should I used the butterick pattern or the ren threaded pattern?


Day 2- Red

I love the color red and for a long time I thought that it didn’t look good on me because my skin had a red undertone. Then I decided to wear whatever the heck I want because I am a grown ass adult woman and can wear red. I like red a lot for linings like the plaid for my caplet, but my apron dress is also made out of red linen. This also features my tailors ham, which we named ponyo. Because Ponyo likes ham.

It is getting there! A few more details and a …

It is getting there! A few more details and a bit of clean up than it is good to go for con day!#roosterteeth #rwby #weiss #weissschnee #cosplay #cosplayer #cosplayprogess #cosplayprop #cosplayersofinstagram #canadian #canadiancosplayer #canada #ready #costume #cons #cosplaycontest

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