Day 8- black

So we sew a lot with black fabric especially for this Ren fair adventure. But the ones we have finished most recently was the caplet and the black pirate shirt for Jordan. I’m really proud of the shirt because it has 12 hand sewn eyelets and 2 hand bound button holes in the cuffs and lots of hand finishing on all the internal seams. The caplet turned out really cute and I love the fit of it. We will have better detailed pictures after Ren fair (which is in 4 days!!!!!)

Pretty much finished! Only back fins needing t…

Pretty much finished! Only back fins needing to be done. #cosplay #cosplayer #canadiancosplayer #pokemongjinka #pokemon #lugiagijinka #lugia #cosplayofinstagram #canada #sewing #craft #crafting #mylife #cosplayers

Day 5- Inside

Through this costuming journey, I have learned one thing, that linings are the devil and by using black magic and evil sorcery you can make a bag lining look decent. Firstly we have this cape lining, its made of this really cheap poly china silk and even after being ironed it will not nicely sit against the black cotton outside. I hate it with a vigorous passion, but with 7 days to ren fair it will have to do and we will do better next year. One the bottom is the cotton lining of a caplet, which is also bag lined but because we sold my soul to a crossroads demon it behaves nicely. In reality, I think it’s because we used a cotton lining and the outside fabric is also cotton which is why they behave well together. Next year I will be making Jessi do flat-lining which she doesn’t want to because of the extra work but I can’t sell my soul again because I only had the one. 


It is officially October, which means ren fair will soon be upon us, at this point also all of the costumes are finished I just need to take more photos and post them. To facilitate this we are participating in Redthreaded’s #Fallforcostume Instagram challenge. But I don’t use Instagram so I am doing it here. 

I think that this is going to be a lot of fun. We’re going to do our best with this. 

I’ve decided to re-do my Maka Albarn cos…

I’ve decided to re-do my Maka Albarn cosplay! #maka #souleater #souleatercosplay #cosplay #cosplayer #canadiancosplayer #motivation #makaalbarn #cosplayredo #nextproject #inspire #mylife #sewing #animecosplay #model

Some more progress on my Lguia gjinka cosplay….

Some more progress on my Lguia gjinka cosplay. #cosplay #cosplayer #canadiancosplayer #motivation #life #craft #crafting #sewing #pokemon #pokemongjinka #lugiagijinka #lugia #cosplayofinstagram

A sneak peek at felling

This is from the sleeve of the gray underdress, this one is a unique seam and each side is folded under instead of having one trimmed side and then the longer side encasing the trimmed side into one seam with all raw edges encased. This takes a lot of hand sewing and time and pins and getting stabbed by pins over and over and over. 

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