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Okay! Matthew is a bastard! How dare he talk about Robin like that and then bringing her past up like that, calling her a nobody. Urg! 

Matthew Cunliffe is a special, unique, rare breed of dickhead that probably forgets to use his turn signal on purpose and thinks any household chore is beneath him to the point where he probably whines if he has to replace the toilet paper roll and honestly??? I hope Robin’s mother attacks him with a frying pan in the next book

Oh! I’d love to see Robin’s mother attack him with a frying pan 😀 



I just started reading Lethal White.

This is the first of the CB Strike novels that I’ve read without first seeing the tv adaptation, and I’m enjoying it SO much thus far.

I’m through Chapter 9, and so far I’ve concluded the following:

-Matthew the Fiancé was a douchebag, but the Matthew the Husband is on another level

-Vanessa is like, really cool. I want one. Where has she been all this time and where can I get one???

-Strike and Robin are both just aching for their relationship to return to what it was but both are so scared and determined not to ruin it and it’s going to kill me slowly and painfully

-I already knew this, but Strike is just a good guy. Like, down to his core will do the right thing, will treat everyone he passes on the street with the same level of respect no matter who they are, will help a woman prove her husband is cheating and tell her she deserves better (and mean it!), will take the story of a mentally ill person and actually listen to it instead of dismissing it. I just like him a lot.

-I really appreciate how Stike will try his hardest to figure out a way to keep Robin on safe jobs without making her feel like he doubts her or is patronizing her, because he wants her happy and proud of herself for being good at her job but he also wants her safe and he’s determined that there has got to be a way to do both

Matthew the Fiancé was a douchebag, but the Matthew the Husband is on another level

So true! 

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