Custom order inspirational Okami hoop 💫 I’ve never actually played the game before just heard of it, did I do it justice?

If you want your own hoop I can do any character(s) you’d like, just check out my ‘Custom Embroidery Hoop’ listing in my shop!



Scrambled to snap some photos of this guy before the sun went down. This is the Great Serpent of Ronka from Final Fantasy for those who don’t know. This was a custom request and had never heard of it before but now I love him because he’s so creepy cute and scream-y.

This is a fairly large plush, about 15 inches high and 18 inches long. Made almost entirely with fleece.


Anyone else watch the show Hilda or read the graphic novel series? 🙃

If not, you probably have no idea who this character is. This is a Nisse named Tontu, a creature who lives inside humans homes, making nests in the forgotten spaces such as underneath couches and behind appliances.

This hoop was a custom order but if you have any character you’d like on an embroidery hoop simply check out the ‘custom embroidery hoop’ listing in my shop! Find it here.


I’d ask if you guys were into the new Dark Crystal series but I think my recent orders have given me that answer. Had to get a good group shot of all the Fizzgigs I’ve made over the past two days (and I have a few more in progress!)

The Eyepatch Fizzgig and baby Fizzgigs are my favorites. Both regular and Eyepatch Fizzgigs are both currently available in my shop!

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