Say It Again


Square: B3 – Deaf
Creators: @tisfan & @27dragons
Title: Say it Again
Warning: None
Rating: Teen
Characters: Bucky, Tony, Clint, FRIDAY
Tags: temporary deafness, tech doesn’t solve everything, caretaker Tony,
dyslexia, ableist language and self-hatred
Summary: Bucky loses the ability to hear… and learns something new about himself…
Warning: This fic contains some mild amounts of cultural ableism, particularly in Bucky’s views on himself, not being able to read. 
Word Count: 3397
Posted for @winterironbingo

Bucky always seemed
smaller, somehow, in the infirmary, than he did in the rest of the world.
Presence. Tony knew something about that; people were constantly shocked by how
much shorter Tony was than they’d imagined, and, to some degree, how much less
loud in a personal setting than a professional one.

The fact that he had
lifts in the Iron Man armor probably didn’t hurt, either.

Bucky had come awake
very suddenly that morning; the damage from the fall, combined with being at
ground zero of a non-nuclear explosion had sent him into a coma for several
days. Not unexpected, and while nerve-wracking, Tony admitted that sleep was
the best thing for him. Let the serum heal the damage, just as soon as the
medical trauma teams finished closing up the wounds.

He’d… laid there for a
long time, not answering anyone. Eyes opened, looked around the room, and then
closed again. He didn’t entirely seem… aware.

Around noon, he’d
finally given medical something they could work with. He’d pointed metal
fingers at his ear, and then shook his head.

His hearing was gone.
Entirely, though the medics were confident that the serum would heal the damage
in time. They didn’t, however, have any idea how long that would take. A few
hours? A few days? A month? No clue. Ears, it turned out, were finicky and
fussy constructions.

But other than that, he
was in great shape, only a few bruises and nicks left to highlight where the
worst of the damage had been, so they were cutting him loose.

Which left it to Tony to
take care of his boyfriend. That was a switch; usually it was Bucky hovering at
Tony’s side as he laboriously and without the serum healed from his injuries,
or hacked his way through whatever bug had run rampant through the building.

Tony had whipped up
quick app for Bucky’s tablet – as long as he was within range of the Compound,
anything anyone said to Bucky would be displayed on the tablet’s screen, in a
discreet little bar at the top of the screen, where it wouldn’t interfere with
the rest of the tablet’s function. “Here you go, babe,” he said, demonstrating
the functions. “I’m pretty sure I can make it work outside of FRIDAY’s range,
but the native voice-to-text translators are… lacking.”

Bucky stared down at the
tablet, then back up at Tony’s mouth, back down to the tablet. He hadn’t said
anything, at all, since the med techs turned him loose, even though nothing was
wrong with his vocal chords. He scowled at the tablet again, then, very slowly,
tapped out Thank you, and showed it to Tony. Followed by a scribble of
Bucky’s normally terrible handwriting – he’d been left handed before the
accident, and Hydra hadn’t cared about his penmanship – you talk too fast.

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