Missy, who is this beautiful fey-like creature and why are you posting videos of her?

This, gentlebeans of Tumblr, is an amazing makeup tutorial by a fantastic friend which is awesome for all your Dryad/Briar needs.

The system she talks about is Empire LRP, one of the biggest LARP systems in the UK (where I play Sola and Raven plays Cinder, for anyone that’s been following my LRP adventures)

I have seen this look in person and gosh is it enchanting. Getting to the point, this is a shout-out to Samantha Alexine, a fantastic LARPer, make up artist, friend and new Youtuber. This is hopefully the first of at least six make-up videos aimed as showcasing the lineages of the system, something often overlooked.

Thank you Sam! 💛

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