there’s something about that scene where joan demands sherlock to stand up and she goes to hug him. the way she rests her head against his shoulder and closes her eyes. the scene is really comforting and warm to me. platonic or not, the relationship they have is something I’ve always craved to see on television. they have chemistry that is very rare. something that has been slow burned. but worth the wait.

sherlock waits a good few moments, as he is taking in the shock of the hug before he makes some kind of remark. he’s not dismissing the hug at all. I think he was confused initially but was taking it in while he could. he probably felt that even though he had all that shit he went through, he was lucky. lucky to have her.

im not trying to break down this scene too much, but I wonder if other people too looking at this image, feel some kind of comfort and peace.

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