i didnt believe in the devil until i adopted an 8 week old puppy with razor sharp teeth, non existent attention span and inexhaustible need to parkour off of every surface every half an hour, screaming her fur off at the same time

that being said today i took her to the vet to sign her up and she happened to be the 666th puppy to sign up in that office 

y’all demons are real and i adopted one

my puppy, at 10pm: if you even fucking look at me i will stomp you to death with my paws. i dare you to do it. i want you to do it. i want you to do it so I can stomp you with my paws, I’m so fucking crazy 

my puppy, at 10:01: [screams and dropkicks me in the face]

my puppy, at 10:02: 

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