Fellow Winteriron Lovers, a Winteriron Week is coming your way!

Writers, Artists and all Fan Creators welcome!

  • How does this week work? You wonder.

It’s pretty simple, I swear! Following this post, another will appear in the next few days containing three prompts per day of the week that will run from the 22nd of July to the 28th of July.

You can choose one, two or all of them to create whatever it inspires you. You can create for each day or one or any. It’s all fine. The only constraint (and is it really one?) is the obvious one: it has to be Winteriron.

It doesn’t have to be as a romantically involved pair, you can very well write Tony and Bucky as friends, platonic soulmates, whatever suits you. All I ask is that you focus on them and not another pairing or character.

Be free and merry, create and share, we’ll love it!

I’ve already set up the Ao3 collection, which you can find here. All works posted to the collection will be queued for reblog.

The same goes for any and all posts tagged as #winterironweek, #winterironweek2019 or mentioning this blog @winteriron-week.

If you generally post on another platform but would still like your entries to be featured here, hit either the “Submit a Post” button or the “Ask Box” and here we go!

Any questions you have, I’ll gladly answer, don’t be shy, this is supposed to be fun so hit that Ask Box liberally.

Stay tuned for the incoming prompts!


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