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I get messages like this one every now and then. I understand if you don’t do something, you don’t really know what goes into it, so.. sure!~

Step one. Buy all the above. (Well, I mean, it doesn’t have to be that exact stuff, but you asked what I used, so there you go).

Step two. Learn to sew. Learn to digitize. Digitize your embroidery. Test. Test again. Test again. Make a bear pattern. Tweak. Make another. Tweak. Make another. And anotherrrr. And on, and on, and on.. (seriously, see the prototyping bear pile photo above).  Embroider design. Cut pieces. Sew pieces. Stuff. Assemble. Add hand stitched elements. 

So all that = Cap bear. The above is what I used/you need and the cost of making a Cap bear, starting from scratch. I’m sorry you think I’m charging too much for my work. I hope you find making one yourself more to your budget.  

Reblogging for the sake of all artisan crafters everywhere! This isn’t a charity, we are trying to make a living!

Does anon realize what they are asking for?

“I don’t want to buy the bear but make me a step-by-step tutorial with pictures”

actually means,

“Make the bear but ALSO do all the extra work of taking pictures at each step (which involves a bunch of trial and error to get the clearest angle), and writing the directions, and editing the directions, and tweaking the layout…”

Even if the artist was inclined to create a tutorial with pictures and pattern pieces they’d be perfectly justified in charging for that pdf!

Like, project books with directions and patterns are a thing that exists! and you buy those! (or check them out at the library)


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