It’s been a while… Sherstrade. Alpha/Omega. …

A long, long while back I asked @loveinthemindpalace what one of her headcanons/favorite kinds of stories was. She asked for a jealous Alpha Sherlock and a being hit on Omega Lestrade. I started writing something almost straight after but never got further because I’m a bit insecure about my Alpha Sherlock. Tonight I decided to go over what I already have and see how I feel about it. This is how far I got.

“Could you go annoy somebody else? We are trying to solve a murder and your bad attempts at flirting are distracting everyone.” 

Sherlock’s voice filled the tiny living room and everyone snapped their heads in the Alpha’s direction. The witness Greg was interviewing stood straighter as Sherlock stopped next to Greg. He puffed his chest up, changing his stance just a fraction so he took up more space. Sherlock just raised his eyebrow ever so slightly before he focused his attention to Greg. Whenever Sherlock’s eyes landed on Greg’s, Greg’s brain turned off for a millisecond. At first, it had irritated Greg, hating this very typical Omega response but these days he just let it happen. He couldn’t really control that part of himself and he was 90 percent sure that Sherlock didn’t even notice. 

The Alpha Greg had been interviewing cleared his throat, eyes going from Sherlock to Greg and then back. 

“I was just telling DI Lestrade that-”

“That the victim and his murderer were secret lovers, yes, even an idiot could figure that out after spending 5 seconds at the crime scene.” Sherlock cut the other Alpha off and Greg could almost feel the temperature of the room dropping a few degrees. His team turned back to their work and Greg suppressed a shudder as he noticed the disdain in Sherlock’s eyes. Sherlock was a few inches taller and he used it to his advantage, looking down at the Alpha in front of him, taking a step closer to Greg. 

“Sherlock.” Greg said in warning but Sherlock ignored it. His eyes took in every feature of the man’s face, almost seeing into his soul and Greg saw the tension it caused in the Alpha’s body. Sherlock’s eyes traveled down the man’s body, the hint of a smirk in his eyes when their eyes met again and Greg placed a hand on Sherlock’s arm. 

Stop it. Greg found Sherlock’s gaze, raising his eyebrows. There was a gleam in Sherlock’s eyes that made Greg’s neck hair stand up and he was about to speak when Sherlock cut him off. His voice was loud, bouncing off the walls and the room held its breath.  

“We are done here.”

“Sherlock, you don’t-” Greg started, irritation flaring and he grabbed hold of Sherlock’s arm more tightly, trying to create distance between the two Alphas. Sally gave him a quick look but he shook his head, gesturing to the door. She wavered a few seconds but then gave a signal to the rest of the team and they left. 

“This is useless, Lestrade.” Sherlock broke out of Greg’s hold, waving his hand at the Alpha before them and Greg now noticed the change in the Alpha’s scent. “He can’t help us. He didn’t see or hear anything of use. The only reason he’s talking to you is because he wants to get inside of your pants.”


“You bastard!” The Alpha growled, taking a step forward and Greg had to force his body not to step back. The smell in the air was now heavy and dangerous and Greg held up his hands.

“My apologies, my colleague-”

“Don’t apologize to that idiot, Lestrade. Judging by the state of his wardrobe and the insane use of deodorant he’s recently been kicked out of his family home. Trust me Lestrade, he’s not worth spreading your legs for.”

Now that’s enough!” Greg turned, pointing a finger at Sherlock, frustration, and anger making it difficult to think. He heard the Alpha behind him say something, saw Sherlock step forward and then someone was yanking on his arm. 

“Don’t you dare touch him!” 

“I’ll ruin you, you fucking bastard!” 

Greg flinched when the room filled with growls and he was knocked against the bookcase. Books flew to the ground, the door of the living room burst open and he heard Sally and Sherlock scream. 

“Oi! Don’t. Sherlock! Andrew, get them off of each other.”

“You fucking-”

“Sherlock!” Greg called out, standing between Sherlock and the Alpha as he tried to block off a punch. The Alpha’s eyes were red, dark veins underneath his eyes as he hissed with rage, trying to grab a hold of Sherlock. 

“I’ll fucking end you! Both of you! You’ll never work again!” The Alpha yelled, his red eyes focusing on Greg and Greg’s body curled into itself before he snapped out of it, lifting up his chin. 

“You’re not even worth it. An Omega who works. I bet the only reason you’re a DI is because you- FUCKING HELL!”

Everything moved fast then. Greg saw Sherlock move forward, his eyes a deep red as he slammed the Alpha against the wall. Greg got hold of Sherlock’s arm, trying to break them up but Sherlock wasn’t moving, growling in the Alpha’s ear. He saw Sally and the team out of the corner of his eyes, stun guns ready. The Alpha roared, pushing Sherlock off him and Greg let out a yelp as he twisted his ankle, falling down on the floor. His heart sank when he heard bones breaking and the fizzling sound of the stun guns. The Alpha let out a yelp of pain, Sherlock cursed loudly and as quickly as it began, it was over. “

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