Healthy me.

I went on the scale yesterday evening and it read 85 kg. I’ve never been this fat before and it’s a bit scary seeing it in those bright red numbers. It’s kinda weird cause I don’t feel fat but the number clearly tells me that I’m probably am a bit fat at the moment. According to some site my BMI is unhealthy and that’s also a bit scary. 

I had a talk at work Friday with some coworkers, one of them is doing a diet plan with a dietician starting Monday and the other one is drinking some herbs so she doesn’t keep water in her body or something like that. It bloats up her face and she had pictures to prove it. It’s something that seems to happen every summer and it makes her very self-conscious about herself. 

As for me, Dad did tell me a week or so ago that I am turning fat and it has been stuck in my head since then. I don’t think he has a right to tell me that I am fat because he weighs around 120 kg and he doesn’t feel the need to slim down. I guess, since I’m a woman, I have the misfortune of having to slim down to be considered human. Somehow with men, it’s always different. 

 Anyways. I don’t think losing a few kilograms will hurt me. I have been eating a lot of sweets and cookies and fried things and ice cream and just all the things that taste amazing. It won’t hurt to cut those out during the week and eat a bit more fruit and veggies. Also try to downsize my portions of lunch and dinner. 

I did that a couple of years ago for 3 months and I ended up weighing 72 kg. It was nice to see in the mirror but to keep it up I wasn’t allowed to eat anything I love/like and I do think life is too short for that. I guess it’s all about finding a new balance. 

Anyways, send some positive vibes. 

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