(1/2) I don’t know how to approach this …

(1/2) I don’t know how to approach this subject because i guess it’s taboo or something but it’s getting kinda frustrating for me as a content creator and i wanted to share it with you because i don’t know if you feel the same? The whole likes to reblogs ratio is getting ridiculous! Whenever i check on a post with a 700 notes, it’s 150 reblogs and 550 likes. Yes, likes are nice, but the reblogs spread the work around and actually helps the creator. The likes are just “i like this work, but meh”

(2/2) and it’s not going to show up on anyone’s dash. It’s doing nothing. And i realize this is a new thing on tumblr, because it wasn’t like this before. Before we used to reblog what we liked. Now i guess everyone has facebook/instagram like mentality while it’s not the same here. It’s just… been making me feel discouraged to even do more fanwork and all. What’s the point? In two days, with only few reblogs, no one will remember it.            

Hi anon

I noticed that too, the number of reblogs have gone downhill in the past few months and it is a problem when it comes to artists visibility, particularly when you don’t have a lot of followers.


Young artist trying to stay brave in front of this difficult situation

My two cents on the matter: I don’t think it’s only a problem of Tumblr turning into Instagram or FB, two apps that tend to favor “likes” (you don’t really have the choice on Instagram, though. It’s either “like” or “repost”). After the “Tumblr Snap” (December 17th), a lot of fandom blogs closed and people left. People left for Twitter, a bit for Pillowfort, (that was never really a thing) and suddenly the dynamic changed. Less fandom blogs = less reblogs for fan works. Now, a lot of people who “like” artworks instead of “reblogging” it have Tumblr pages that have nothing to do with fan art and fandom and are not interested to have this kind of content on their page. I mean, I see that in my “likes” I have K-pop blogs, cooking blogs, or even fandom blogs that have nothing to do with Marvel so they “like” instead of “reblogging”. The fandom activity was really concentrated on Tumblr, it was “fandom central” but now everybody is left and right: a part on Twitter, a part on Tumblr, a bit on Pillowfport, some people even went back to Live Journal and Dreamwidth. I have the feeling that people came back a bit during Endgame because my number of reblogs went up but that it’s calmer now.

I know it’s discouraging but also, you can’t force people to have on their page a content they are not interested in reblogging. It’s really bad when it comes to the ratio but blame it on Tumblr turning into a second “we heart it”. IDK for you, but after the “snap” my dash turned into a boring succession of “aesthetic images” and the number of fandom works dropped. I love Tumblr but I tend to post more on Twitter now, maybe because I keep Tumblr for finished artworks and that I post a bit everything and anything on Twitter.

I hope that you’ll hang in there and that the “likes”/”reblog” ratio will improve somehow in the future. Whatever happens, never stop creating and drawing. Good luck!

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